Debs, Scott & Ed

My surges started at home and I was calm and wanted to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital. When I got to the hospital I was 4cm dilated and I got into the birthing pool. I had the calming soundtrack and birth affirmations on a loop. It was all very relaxed, however I think I was a bit too relaxed as my surges really slowed down and I couldn't bear down even though I was fully dilated (at this point I'd been having surges for 12 hours). The surges weren't strong enough so I was put on oxytocin drip. The midwives couldn't believe I didn't want pain relief as my surges were really strong.


After another 4 hours the baby's head was turned so I couldn't push him out. The Dr explained all of my options and even though I was tired, I was completely clear headed and confident in making decisions. I was taken to theatre and Ed was delivered by forceps. I had to have an episiotomy and lost quite alot of blood. However, throughout the procedure I practiced self-hypnosis and didn't feel scared or worried.


It was truly magical when the midwife put Ed into my arms. I can honestly say that, although the birth didn't go as completely planned in the end, Amy's hypnobirthing programme helped me have the birth I wanted at the time. I managed through 18 hours of contractions without pain relief, which left me clear headed and confident to make the decision to go to theatre. I'm happy to have still had a vaginal birth and avoided a c section.


Ed is a lovely little baby. He has taken to breastfeeding well and I have recovered quickly and I think this is also down to me being relaxed and positive. Thank you so much Amy for giving me the skills and confidence in making my own decisions about my body, baby and birth

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