Hi, I'm Amy

I'm a qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher and teach women and their birth partners in and around Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex.

I'm a Mum of two little cherubs called Arlo and Remy, who have made sure I keep practising my hypnobirthing skills far past their births....Us Mums can make use of those deep breathing skills for life!

I'm also a musician and work as a Music for Health & Wellbeing practitioner in the community and various healthcare settings with young children and people with dementia.

I'm a sucker for all things personal-growth/development/discovery/health/wellbeing....So it's no wonder when I became pregnant I threw myself into as much research as I could about birth and how to have a good one....enter, Hypnobirthing...

I Believe...

Every woman should feel respected, safe and cared for during birth

Every woman is capable of having a

positive birth experience, no matter what shape or form her birth takes

Women's bodies are truly AWEsome!

My Story

I used to be absolutely terrifed of child birth...to the point where I thought I'd never have children. Due to every birth story I'd ever heard and every depiction of child birth in every TV show and movie I'd seen since childhood, my fear was deep and intense.

Fast forward quite a few years and I've now had two children and both births were quite phenomenal experiences.

When I discovered I was pregnant for the first time I was happy, but quickly my mind went to a fearful place, where I thought it might stay for the next 9 months!

Thankfully I discovered this thing called Hypnobirthing and read some positive birth stories. I'd never in my life heard of birth described in a positive, empowering and even exciting way before. I really didn't think that was even a possibility.


After attending a course with my partner, Daryl, and then practising the techniques for the remainder of my pregnancy, I went on to have an amazing birth at home in water. 3 and a half years later I would have a similar (albeit much quicker) birth experience...just in a different house this time :) 

Hypnobirhting allowed me to literally REPROGRAM my brain. Quite astounding, really. I did the practice as suggested...listened to positive affirmations daily, filled my house with positive written statements, read up on my uterus (!) and learned how it worked and how all the birth hormones work...it was all so fascinating to me. I then had a drug free birth. I am so not against drugs AT ALL. But I seriously just didn't think of them during my birth. My head was completely saturated with words like 'normal, natural, healthy'. Again...all very astounding to me.

Having reaped the benefits of hypnobirthing and felt the positive impact it's had on my births and now continuing to have into Motherhood, I've such a passion for sharing this wonderful, and very logical technique with other Mums-to-be.

It's so sad that many Mums feel 'robbed' and out of control and often traumatised by the birth of their baby. It should and it CAN be the most transformational and empowering experience of your life. And I truly believe hypnobirthing offers an accessible way of changing the face of birth for every woman.

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